Food For Your Blood Type And Its Importance


It has been long known that your blood type is uniquely related to what foods you should eat. Eating according to your blood type positively affects your overall health, resistance to disease, longevity, vital force and emotional stability where one food can be source of energy and health to some, the same food can weaken and disrupt normal constitutional functioning in others. or simply saying…

“One man’s food is another man’s poison”.

            Our diet is already determined by our genetics; that is our blood type. By eating according to our blood type we maximize our body’s ability to absorb nutrients, generate energy, detoxify and repair our cells.

            So, is there one diet that fits all? The answer is on unequivocal NO! For this reason some people are able to lose weight on certain diets while others cannot.

            Certain people are more prone to certain diseases and thereby need to eat according to their blood type, in order to discourage disease.

            It has been said that blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint just as is your DNA. Eating according to your blood type will help you retain health and vigor, maintain on ideal weight and retard aging.

            Are you blood type A, B, AB or O? By knowing your blood type, you can design a diet to meet your dietary needs. You will be able to identify foods that are in opposition to your good health and those that are nurturing and medicinal to your health.

Are you blood type A, B, AB or O? By knowing your blood type, you can design a diet to meet your dietary needs. You will be able to identify foods that are in opposition to your good health and those that are nurturing and medicinal to your health.

            If you already know your blood type, our office can provide assistance in dietary planning; that is, what foods are compatible with your blood type and which foods to avoid. If you do not know your blood type, our office can direct as to how to test for your particular blood type.

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What You Need To Know About Vitamin D3 and Protection Against Viruses and Bacterial Colds

Finally, after 100 years of deception and trillions of dollars in profits from the germ theory, the profound and multiple effects on human immunity of vitamin D3 are now known.

Why vitamin D? First, did you know that macrophages — the immune cells that guard your body and watch for invaders and engulf abnormal cells until help arrives — have vitamin D receptors? That means they check whether or not you have enough vitamin D before they signal there’s danger. Not enough vitamin D, and your immune system doesn’t respond.

Your immune system literally relies on having adequate vitamin D to operate.

And did you know vitamin D directly induces the production of antimicrobial peptides, and that other immune cells like NK cells and t-cells rely on vitamin D for their strength as well?

Be sure you’re getting enough and by that I don’t mean 400 iu’s daily. Most people have to take as much as 10,000 to 15,000 iu’s daily to boost their Vitamin D3 levels up to 60-70 ng/ml which is what will protect you against many different diseases. Have your doctor measure your D3 level and then increase your dose of D3 until it reaches 60-70 ng/ml.



Liposomal VitaminD3 – 60 servings


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Alkaline Water Benefits


Good health can be achieved by doing three things: Alkalize, Hydrate and Detoxify. We get these three things we get when we drink Ionized Alkaline Water. Ionized Water is negatively charged or has a negative oxidation potential (ORP). Essentially, this means Ionized Water is a very potent anti-oxidant. Our bodies cannot survive without negative ions. Another way this may be stated is the more positive ions we feed ourselves, the faster we age.

                The simple chemistry of Ionized Water is to charge the water via electrolysis, creating negative
(-OH) and positive ions (+H), then separating them through a membrane. All of the research done on ionized water has arrived at the same conclusion: Alkalized Ionized Water benefits everything it comes in contact with as long as it is used correctly. Ionized Water has a lower surface tension than tap water which allows the body to absorb it faster. It passes into cells easier than non-ionized water helping to transport nutrients into and toxins out of our cells.


By the age of 60, many people suffer from dehydration which may manifest in conditions such as constipation, dry skin and dry hair, lack of energy and a myriad of other conditions. The body needs large amounts of water to flush out our digestive system between meals. Exercising provides far greater benefits when the body is properly hydrated. One percent dehydration causes a 5% drop in athletic performance. I always hydrate myself with either Alkalized Ionized Water or freshly juiced vegetables before exercising.

                Just drinking liquid will not hydrate you. Many of the liquids people drink are actually dehydrating such as: softdrinks, caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages. Dehydrated bodies are toxic bodies and ripe for disease. Under normal everyday conditions, the average adult requires 1.5 – 2 gallons of water each day mostly consumed between meals.

                Acidic foods and beverages will destroy our health and hasten the aging process. Alkaline foods and Alkalized Ionized Water will restore and maintain our health through greater oxygenation, hydration and detoxification of our bodies. Purified water created via reverse osmosis or distillation is stripped of minerals and oxygen and when taken will attach to minerals in the body and flush them out leaving us in a mineral and oxygen depleted state. Purified water is dead water meaning it is void of oxygen and has a positive ORP. We should strive to consume substances that have a negative charge or negative ORP such as Alkalized Ionized Water and raw foods.