Water Ionizer Under the Sink Conversion Kit


Advantages of the Conversion Kit Accessory:
• Convenience of Ionized Water
• Increased counter top space
• Improved ascetics for your kitchen
Manufactured specifically for use with EC, AQ counter top water ionizers.

(Note: Not sold for international market)



The Under-the-counter Water Ionizer conversion kit

The Watershed’s new under-the-sink Water Ionizer conversion kit is the newest product
of its kind to the market. The under-the-sink-kit allows you to place your countertop
water ionizer under your sink and run the alkaline and acidic water up to the gooseneck
stainless steel faucets, one for Alkaline Ionizer Water and a smaller one for Acid Ionizer

Installation requires only attaching the faucet through a hole in the top of the sink, then
tapping into the cold water line in your kitchen or bathroom and hooking up the faucet
to you Watershed Water Ionizer. The water then flows through the water ionizer to the
alkaline and acidic faucets.

The under-the-sink-conversion kit comes with everything you will need to make this
installation process easy for yourself or any plumber. This state of the art under-the-
sink faucet was manufactured specifically for use with EC, AQ and SP model counter
top water ionizers.


(Note: Not sold for international market)