Panteric Digestive Enzyme Supplement – 100 Tablets


Pancreatic Enzymes
* Helps with pancreatic insufficiency, poor digestion,
inflammations, and allergies.
*Support weight control
*Low temperature processed for maximum
shelf life and full freshness
*No lactose or glucose

100 Caplets Bottle Only

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ENZYMES- Life’s Little Wonders

Enzymes are proteins that make it possible for life to exist by carrying out chemical reactions that are critical for survival.

Enzymes are also responsible for disposing of waste products and reducing inflammation.
People who are deficient in digestive enzymes often suffer from:

Bloating and Gas
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Low Energy Headaches
Food Allergies
Poor Immunity

Main Ingredients
Equivalent to approx. 1365mg of freshly prepared gland
Lipase 6,780 equiv. to NF units (no lactose)
Protease 33,900 equiv. to NF units (no lactose)
Amylase 33,900 equiv. to NF units (no lactose)
Ox Bile Powder 30mg
Chymotrypsin 15mg plus Trypsin activities

Suggested Intake:
One to three caplets with meals as a convenient means of adding these substances to the diet.

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(Notice: All sales final for this product.)

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