TA65 100unit 30Capsules bottle

TA-65MD® BioEnhanced Telomerase Activator 100-Units (30 capsules)


You have heard of TA-65 benefits, now get TA-65 for only $100.
The larger bottles have 250-Units of TA-65, while the new TA-65 Bioenhanced has 100-Unit bottles.
Available in 30-capsules bottle.

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Product Description

Yes you can now afford to try TA-65 for the first time.  The new 30 capsule bottle has the same patented telomerase activation ingredient in the larger bottles of TA-65 has provided for years..

The TA-65 Bio-Enhanced 100 Unit bottle was made specifically for affordability to those clients that found it difficult to purchase the larger bottles of TA-65 on a monthly basis. The larger bottles have 250 Units of TA-65, while the new TA-65 Bioenhanced has 100 Unit bottles.

Regular TA-65 250Units products are made to be taken at certain dosages in a 3-6 month period, and the lower dose TA-65 Bio-Enhanced 100 Unit provides benefits when taken for a longer period of time as part of a daily set of vitamins for your well being. The new data that we will be providing soon also suggests that the TA-65 BioEnhanced 100 Unit bottle and other TA-65 products are better than previously thought. The ingredient remains the best tested telomerase activator in the world.

A double-blind, placebo controlled study of TA-65®MD has also been proven to:

  • rejuvenate the immune system,
  • improve sexual enhancement,
  • accelerate wound healing,
  • thicken hair,
  • improve skin appearance
  • increase bone density
  • and more

Are you living a lifestyle that promotes healthy telomeres and longer cell life?
Did you know that telomere length is an indicator of how healthy you are as you get older?
Do you know how long your telomeres are?

Watch Suzanne Somers, one of America’s most popular and beloved personalities, talk about TA-65